LOMA Society of Ohio Mission:

        To promote continuing professional education

        To foster recognition of the FLMI & FFSI designations

        To assist others in the quest to earn LOMA designations

         To encourage professional, educational, and social relations among designee's, students, and other financial services professionals


Being involved in a professional organization helps you to stay abreast of the issues that affect your industry and you.  LOMA Societies are the professional associations for those who have earned the FLMI and/or FFSI designations or for those who have earned other LOMA designations such as ACS, AIAA, ARA, AIAF, ARP, AIRC, AAPA, or PCS.

LOMA Society membership can point you in the direction of career growth by:
         Keeping you informed about industry issues with expert speakers, informative seminars, and other continuing education activities.
         Giving you valuable contacts with other insurance professionals.
         Gain valuable insight into how other companies work.
         Developing leadership skills as a Society officer or committee member.
         Offering you opportunities to serve others by acting as a mentor for LOMA students, providing assistance with exam monitoring, and by participating in community service projects.
         Two annual Scholarships awarded to  qualified members and/or their children who are enrolled in a degree-seeking program at any accredited college or university.


LOMA Code of Professional Ethics

        The LOMA Society member continually strives to master all aspects of his or her business.

        The LOMA Society member discharges all duties with objectivity and fairness, applying standards of integrity and professionalism to the business environment.

        The LOMA Society member holds his or her professional designation proudly and seeks to enhance the reputation of the designation in every way.